ARCTEL Training Centre

ARCTEL Training Centre (CFA) is part of the Communication Regulators Association ARCTEL-CPLP.

The Association of Communications and Telecommunications of the Portuguese speaking countries has a privileged position within the lusophone space, not only for the common language, but also for it's position as CPLP's Advisory Member for Communications and the horizontal nature of this sector that goes throughout all the relevant areas of our economies. Also considering ARCTEL's mission to enhance the cooperation in this area, it became mandatory to upgrade our activities to the training specialization level, generating new opportunities and enhancing this sector's potential.

CFA was formally created in 2014 aiming to present a training offer that would ensure quality, adaptability to real problems, and the alignment with the main challenges for this sector. CFA has as main orientation vectors to offer training for all the sector agents, and to promote and enhance the knowledge for the communications area.

We have taken on the challenge and responsibility of creating an offer that considers the different realities of a constantly changing sector, in particular bringing the regulatory framework closer to the academic and business world.

Our courses are designed considering the trends and the sector evolution, making sure that theoretical models and practical market models are interconnected.

As a result from the experience acquired within ITU framework and also from its entities experience, CFA is positioned as a unique training entity, with a broad vision of the sector, generating such a diversified offer.